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Found someone who will build a pc for me.


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Hey all
I've found a guy who runs a local computer store. I've spoken with him and he said he would beat the price pc world would sell any spec pc for.

So I intend to take him up on his offer =]. I have been interested in 2 pcs on his site, I'd be very grateful if you could give me your opinions on these specs. The website is;
TECH Computers - Home
I was interested in the AMD for 359 and the intel for 389. If I went for these what graphics card would you drop in?
If neither of these are good could you suggest a spec I could ask the guy for a quote on?

I'm looking to spend £500 but I wouldn't mind if it ran slightly over. I want the pc to play wow and other mmorpgs.

If you've took the time to read this thank you.
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been having second thoughts, I'm not sure if I shoul push the boat out a little and go for the extreme pc on tech-computers for 539. Would that one be worth it?
you need to check what PSU it comes with as a cheap PSU could fry your cpu mobo and everything else connected to it
also what would u be using it for?

if its for gaming then it doesnt mention what graphics card will be installed


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I'm more interested in the bottom two desktops for 595 and 539. They have a atx 500 watt psu and come with 1 of the following 3 cards;


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Sorry for double post it's very hard to reply on ipod [dead pc]. With the on for 539 I'd have to add the price of a graphics card to it. The guy told me I could have a refurb hd4870 in it for an extra 70.
I'm just clueless as to whether is a good deal or if I'd be better with a different spec?
Thanks for your reply


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I've got access to a computer for a while so I thought I'd post the specs of 2 machines I've been considering.
I'd appreciate your views on these:

Note: I'll only really use them for playing mmorpgs such as wow and using fraps to record game play. I'd prefer whichever machine will do the job best.

Option 1;
Intel Core i5 750 @ 4x3.6GHz w/Hyper-Threading
4GB Dual-Channel DDR3 PC-10666 1600MHz RAM
Asus LGA1156 P55 PCIexpress motherboard
1TB Samsung F3 Spinpoint SATA2 Hark disk
500 Watt ATX PSU
ATI Radeon HD4870 1GB [refurbished with upgraded cooler]
Ultra-speed DVD-ReWriter
Windows 7
Microsoft office, Nero and Anti-Virus

Option 2;
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 6MB cache @ 2x3.8GHz
4GB Dual-Channel DDR2 PC2-6400 800 MHz RAM
Asus P5P41D G41 ATX PCIexpress motherboard
1TB Samsung F3 Spinpoint SATA2 hard disk
Ultra speed DVD-ReWriter
500 Watt ATX PSU
NVidia GeForce GTX260 1GB or ATI Radeon HD5770/HD4870 1GB
Windows 7
Microsoft Office, Nero and Anti-Virus

Thanks again.
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dunno bout the GPU that ssomeone elses deparmtent, you can google the model number and check its new price against that £70 and its original release date as reference to its power.

speaking of power.

there are loads of atx psu around ,some are cheap peices of dog turd stuck to the bottom of your shoe that like to stain your carpet.

others are that lucky £50 note you spot stuck in the crooked pavement that twisted your ankle mear moments ago.

if you get my drift, if not, some are CRAP and will fry your system and others are golden.

make sure its a decent PSU for the price your paying


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I went in store and the guy said the two main brands he uses are; corsair and one that begins with M. I completly forgot now, are the corsairs any good, he slso ssid he could upgrade my power supply. Do you think it needs more than 500 watt?
yeah corsair are good, they are a fairly decent manufacturer actually.

as for the wattage. i'd be tempted to go up another 100w to 600watt just to be on safe side.

500w for all that sounds a little.....underpowered. as ive been saying, you dont want your psu to blow cause it reverbs down throughout your system lol.

the second option sounds best for WOW i dont play it but i hear its VERY hardware hogging.


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Its not really all about the number of watts that a psu gives out a lot of it is to do with amps. Although i would agree that just to be on the safe side i would go with one of the higher model corsairs.


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500w is easily powerfull enough to run those rigs. However as has been said its the quality of wattage that counts.
Corsair are arguably the best manufacturers of psu's. I only use Corsair when i'm building powerful rigs, whether its a gaming rig or a cad workstation, corsair gets the sale, and i'll spend £100 on that alone. I'm not advocating that you do the same as you're on a budget, but it is the engine of your pc, if it blows.....you could have a dead pc. If it has jittery voltage rails, then you'll suffer unexpected reboots, especially when heavy gaming and your cpu and gpu call for a smooth and constant flow of power/volts.
I don't know of a popular/reliable manufacturer that begins with 'M' though.

Oh...and i'd go for option 1; for the extra few quid, the newer 1156 socket is the better choice. More cache too :)
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