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Forza 3 AVF 'bike'


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The car is now up and running, follow the journey here:



This was a great idea from the last forza.

Basic idea is we pass a car around AVF members and everyone stamps the car with gamertag. Gives it a few races, and upgrades it.

No hanging on to it though, a quick paint job, upgrade and a few races shouldn't take long, so please don't be too leisurely about it.

Remember to post screenshots of how its progressing aswel.

Here's the original thread: http://www.avforums.com/forums/forza-xbox-360/538959-forza-2-avforums-bike.html

And how it looked last:

To send the car on after you have done your bit, add the person after you to your Friends list, then you can GIFT them the car.

So sign up below and we'll see how this years car looks.

1. oasismark
2. noisecrime
3. evadem
4. FunkySideBurns
5. C225
6. KimiRaikkonen07
7. LethalDynamix
8. o Tiger Feet o
9. Gaminboondoggle
10. The Schteve
11. rowedav
12. URZ13
13. SteveHillskill
14. GMC79
15. Desmo UK
16. blitzeastlondon
17. Tysie12
18. bearman3784
19. y2blade
20. DpM
21. Blackbolt GT
22. pinoy soldier
23. Crovon
24. Messenger
25. sparkyrite
26. MBM P41N R3L13F
27. TVR Fan1
28. YEME7H
29. alsteggytyper
30. jammieeeee
31. Skormn521
34. Mr Lugz
35. TristUK
36. DaveMcRave
37. Lingham
38. greasychipbutty
39. sdb123
40. ManCityDG
41. KR0S (<-with a zero)
42. Sir Cato
43. thelegendofyrag
44. Joelk2killer
45. LP76
46. mikepriester
47. chox1988
48. Zombie Donkey
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Sounds good to me. Last time i gave up waiting for it to be passed around some people keep it for weeks not days.:eek:


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Think the best thing is to start working on your tag as soon as the games out if you can drag yourself away from racing ;) Then just tune up race and pass on :)
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Count me in, last time was great. You can see my tag in the picture above to (Dave R) :thumbsup: although I've changed since then.


Established Member
Sounds a great idea! Count me in! Like monkey00 said there will need to be a time limit on how long people can hold on to her for? Obviously the more members the beast gets handed around to the better!

Any ideas on what car will be used or will there be a poll for members to pick from?


Moderator/Games Reviewer
Gonna be my first bash at Forza so shove me way down the list :thumbsup:


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Maybe we should have a vote for the car, mayb others can edit there posts with one?

I vote, Ferrari 360 Modena :D

I reckon we need another old tank. After reading through the Forza 2 'bike' thread i think the fact that Bernard was an old heap made her that extra bit more special.


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I'm in :D

Can still see my name in that pic in the OP :)


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Im in


Distinguished Member
I reckon we need another old tank. After reading through the Forza 2 'bike' thread i think the fact that Bernard was an old heap made her that extra bit more special.

How about the Veyron then? i Know not a old tank (well kinda, aint good enuf for top of Top Gear list :rotfl:) but be more fun passing that about than an old **** Heap. :D
May attract more people too, id have the veyron in no time as will hammer FM3 when it's out.

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