Forward v downward firing subs


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I have an REL which fires downward. I want as much bass as possible without annoying the neighbours next door ( semi) and wonder if subs that fire downward are not more likely to be felt next door. When subs started becoming more popular years ago they were almost always downward pointing but nowdays they are almost always on the side. Mine is on a laminate floor and cant help but think the sound waves must get reflected straight back at the sub causing some issues.

Can anyone explain or point me to links that have the pro's and cons of both.

Thanks in advance.


There does seem to be a trend towards front firing subs these days, for aesthetic reasons I presume. Anyway, in terms of your neighbours, I don't think there is much difference. If you were in a flat, the FF might be slightly better. If you can isolate the sub from the floor, that will do a better job of minimising transmission than which way the driver is facing. There are ways of doing this but I don't know them.

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