Fortnite: Epic files new injunction against Apple


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So first Epic submit a new version of Fortnite with a hidden feature that breaks the agreement they signed up to.

They subsequently turn on said deviously hidden feature knowing the app will get pulled by both Apple and Google.

Then Epic try to sue both Apple and Google using a pre-prepared 20 page lawsuit and shoddy parody advert that misses the point of the original.

Then Apple discover that Epic have also been misusing their enterprise developer account and breaking the developer agreement in other ways so Apple gives them 2 weeks to stop breaking the rules.

So Epic sulks and tries to stop Apple enforcing the rules.

Epic are an epic disgrace. Can I set up an off-licence in my local pub and not pay the landlord?

I hope Apple sticks to their guns and bans Epic from MacOS and iOS.

If Apple ban Epic from the developer programme it will not affect current games built using Unreal, or future games built using the current version of Unreal. It won’t even inhibit Epic advancing the next versions of Unreal as Apple tools are free for access to anyone and Epic can distribute Unreal 5 without a MacOS developer account : just like other MacOS developers do that don’t want to distribute through the app-store. It would stop Fortnite working on iOS, but no big deal.


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I hope Apple sticks to their guns and bans Epic from MacOS and iOS.

The problem here is that the App Store is an all or nothing affair, you either use you don't sell you iOS app at all.

Apple can police their shop yes, but they shouldn't have the power to stop users putting what they like on their phone and the two are currently the same thing.

In your analogy the pub is in a bunker with nothing but wasteland outside, and all the customers locked inside for the forseeable future. The Epic brewery's two choices are to sell their beer to the pub at whatever prices the pub dictates or set up their off-licence inside the pub.

It's a reasonable protest move by a company that has both the success to make the point and enough other streams of income that they can survive if Apple locks them out entirely.


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You either buy an iOS device or you don’t. Most people don’t.

When you buy a device you own the hardware, so jailbreak all you want.
You don’t own the software on that device, i.e. iOS.

Maybe Apple should make it easy for people to wipe the device and install their own operating system - not that there is one or ever will be.

Same applies to Playstation and Xbox.
Why are Epic not sueing Sony or Microsoft?

So no, Epic should make their own device, maybe with Android installed? An Epic phone that comes with the Epic app store on it.
i.e. Epic should build their own pub, ungrateful miscrants, 30% is cheap.

I remember when software houses like Epic were lucky to only get 20% of the retail price after the distributor and retail shop etc. had taken their cut.

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