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Fortec Star Passion Plus


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Hi, recentley purchased a Passion Plus box from Maplins, everything working fine apart from the powersearch mode, from what i can gather once this is turned on it allows the box to rescan satellite details whilst in standby - problem is it keeps turning itself off, i've followed the instructions to the letter, selecting the astra 28.2 satellite, confirming what type of scan i want it to perform etc then pressing the red button to save - box confirms data saving - however when the unit has been left in standby mode overnight or even sometimes for just an hour or so the powersearch has turned itself off. Am i doing something wrong or do you have to manually turn it on everytime you want to use it? Also is anyone else having problems with the epg? on initial install it worked fine but after a few days i seem to have lost all program information - having no idea whats on without flicking through every channel is getting a bit frustrating. Thanks
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When I got mine just a few weeks ago from Maplins, it would not play much in the way of the radio channels and the EPG didn't seem to be working at all well. The firmware in the unit was quite old, Sept of last year.

There have been two or three released versions of the firmware since then, on the Fortec web site, as well as a few (if you are feeling adventurous) beta test version of firmware on the Sataid web site.

Sataid - Passion + HD Receiver - Sataid
Fortec - Download

The later versions improve the functionality no end, as well as fixing lots of annoying bugs. Installing takes just a few minutes if you have a suitable USB stick.


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I have just registered on this forum and learnt already a lot. I am about to buy the Fortec Star Passion Plus this weekend and was trying to find out if the "pause live tv/rewind" is as easy as on a dvd/hdd freeview recorder for example.
Also, when having a recording programmed, will the unit start the hdd from standby? best to have a usb powered hdd or external 12v is ok too?


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oliver74: I never use the pause live TV feature so can't help with that, but I can tell you that a USB powered WD passport plus (I think it's called) has been very reliable, so long as you treat it properly. I was dismounting it and disconnecting it without switching off and there were frequent foul ups of various sorts. Since I started switching off at the front panel before connecting and disconnecting it hasn't messed up once. (This is with the 125 beta firmware, which also helps a lot.)

There are lots of success stories on Sataid with externally powered drives as well. And yes, it comes out of standby to record. (Sometimes it goes into standy after record even if it was fully on, but no biggie.)

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