Fortec Passion+ new user questions...

Hi All,

I bought it yesterday and I have not had much time to play yet, however..

Straight out of the box I only seem to have one radio channel and that takes half a minute or so before I hear any sound - the one channel is Radio 5.

Another posting seems to mention a Help system in the menu of the STB, I cannot seem to find it.

How do I check which version of software is loaded into the unit? It shows the Loader as V1.5

I only have one USB HDD available to me at the moment, a 250Gb Medion 'HD Drive to Go' and I'm not sure what actual drive is in the case. This is currently formated NTFS and working as a backup to my PC's main drive. Before I go to all the trouble of backing this up/reformating etc. is this drive likely to work with the Passion+ ?

Is there a list anywhere of which drives have been confirmed to work with the Passion?

I have it recording and playing back at the moment to a 1Gb USB stick.

Yet to view the HD as the main TV does not support HD, and the Passion+ is too far from the bedroom HD set.

Many more questions to follow soon no doubt, thanks.


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Some help:

Software version: Menu button > Setting > Other Settings > System Information.

Radio stations usually take 1-2 seconds to get going. Radio 5 live took about 3-4.

Not sure about onboard help - there is an info button but that is mainly to give current programme information.

SI shows loader 1.5
Software 1.0.5 10th Sept 08 - So one version behind the current release I think. I wonder if that explains the radio channel problems?

OK on the help - I thought I had seen a post which mentioned a built in help system.

Does anyone have a copy of the 'pn2_av117fs_20090520' beta file?

There is a link to it on the Sataid website, but the above file seems to be corrupt on the site. It downloads as 40K file whereas it should be 3.5Mb. Problem is not at my end, because I can download all of the earlier beta files without a problem.
The 250Gb Medion seems to be working - that is apart from the FAT16 not being recognised after the update below, but fixed by deleting a file with the drive mounted back on the PC.

The radio channel problem has now fixed itself after updating to the latest firmware release version from the Fortec web site, followed by restoring back to factory settings. The radio channels now start working a second or two after selecting them.

I couldn't try updating before, because the largest USB stick I had was 1Gb, too small for the firmware.

Now the channels numbers seem to start with 0101 BBC1 and the HD channels seem to have disappeared.
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