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Went to Croft at the weekend to see Formula 3 and British GT racing. First time I had been to see proper racing. All I can say is what a great day. First of all, I took my two sons and my nephew, cost me £15 to get in, sons and nephew were all free (under 16's get in for nothing). I consider this a bargain.
Got some great pics of the cars in their garages and walked along the pit lane where all the formula 3 drivers were sat at tables in front of their pit lane garages signing autographs, including a 15 year old lad (Max Chilton)! made my clan very jealous. Nigel Mansells two sons (Gregg and Leo), and James Hunts son Freddie were also there. Then went and got a space on a hill at the bottom of the first corner. Great view of all the races.
First race was Formula Ford, pretty exciting stuff as they dont have spoilers etc so they tend to dance around the track a fair bit. Then Formula 3, the difference in speed was pretty amazing. The GT cars were a sight for sore eyes, Ferraris, Astons, Porches, Ascaris and Dodge Vipers. The first lap was totally mind blowing as they all came round the first corner the noise from all these supercars powering up the straight was superb. Once it settled down a bit it was interesting to hear the difference in engine noise. The Porches sounded like angry bees, the Dodges throaty roar made them sound like they were just ticking over, but my favourites were the Ascaris which again have a very deep roar to them and they look like supercars should. The GT race was an hour long.
There was also a Caterham race, and a Ginetta race. Total of 9 races over the different classes (some had two races). Had an absolutely brilliant day, excitement, big boys cars, noise, thrills and spills, etc all for £15. I think that there is only one more meeting left this season, but I would highly recommend anyone who is into racing to hunt out the Formula 3 and GT websites and find the calender for next season, and get along to a meeting. It is definitely a date in my diary for next year.
PS I only went on the Sunday, but there were races on the Saturday along with Qualifying and testing laps.


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Sounds like you had a really good day, I'm jealous. I love those types of races, so much more fun that F1. I really do fancy having a day out to these events myself so excuse my ignorance but where is Croft?


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Croft is near Darlington. The last races of the season are at Rockingham on 29/30 September. The calender had races at Oulton Park, Donnington, Snetterton, Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Thruxton and Croft. The website for the F3 is
There is a link on there for the GT site as well. Definitely worth trying to get to one next season.

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