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sorry, the title is a little pants but its probably because I don't know much about the subject :blush:. Ok, I'm pretty set on going for a projector, but was wondering which 'formats' I need to be aware of / think about. For example, there seems to be a lot of talk about using DVI - could anyone explain this briefly, and how it differs from the normal connection?

The other thing is the "high definition" stuff. Is there any compatibility betwen HDTV and projectors? For example, am I right in thinking that in order to make use of a HDTV signal with a normal CRT, you need a specific HDTV set?

Are there any other signals/formats/connections I should consider for future compatibility? Please excuse my ignorance with this topic, and the rather open-natured'ness of the questions... any info, however brief will help!

Cheers, Gav


For HDTV you want the highest resolution display device you can get your hands on. Most current projectors have 1280x720 res panels so are pretty good for HDTV (especially 720p material).

DVI = Digital Visual Interface. A digital method of video transmission. This prevents at least 2 instances of A/D & D/A conversion (analogue/digital).

HDMI is a newer type of video transmission, also digital.


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