Formats sent out ARC on various TVs


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I've been out of the electronics game for a long time. I still have all my gear from when I was "in". I have amps, speakers, and sub that I'm VERY happy with. My preamp is only 1080p capable but does support ARC (I'd rather not invest in a new preamp right now). I need to buy a new TV, so am thinking I feed all my sources into the new TV and then go ARC from TV to preamp. I've actually tested this with a smaller TV in another room and it works. I get DD decoding on the preamp as expected. there a database that is sufficiently populated that allows me to search TVs that output DD and DTS via ARC, so I can start to narrow down my options? I believe LG is limited on the DTS side of the question.

Thanks for any input.


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ARC supports PCM 2.0 stereo, Dolby 5.1 (+ Atmos variant) and DTS 5.1

Dolby/DTS support will vary depending on the TV, you can try looking at flatpanels TV database which makes note of some TV features, Sony and Philips are known to more often support all of the above.

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