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Have just splashed out on my first home cinema system. Have a Tosh 32ZD26P TV (Robert Whyte), Tosh 220E multi-region (Richer Sounds) and a Yamaha amp and KEF egg speakers plus subwoofer, also have NTL PACE digibox. Have connected the DVD player to the TV with component leads. Am very pleased with this setup but I Have a few queries I'd like to share before I make an arse of myself contacting the suppliers.

Question 1, I have the digibox set up for widescreen format and have the TV set up for the same. However, when I channel hop, the channels often revert to 4:3 format. This will sometimes happen when a new program starts on the same channel I am watching. Is this normal?

Question2 is related to the one above. So far I have watched Harry Potter, The Mummy Returns, Monsters Inc and Moulin Rouge without any problems. However, I experienced problems when watching Star Wars Attack of the Clones and Minority Report. Star Wars: during the very bright scenes when Obi-wan visited the cloners on Camino, the picture fluctuated between the widescreen format ( with bars above and below the picture) to cinema format (no bars), this happened about 5-6 times during these scenes and became quite annoying. At first I thought it was a problem with the disk but the same thing happened when watching Minority Report. Once again the very bright white scenes of the telepaths in the flotation tank caused the format to change from widescreen to cinema format. I can't imagine this to be normal. Have I set up someting wrong or should I contact Robert whyte with this problem.

Question 3, I can use my Yamaha hand set to control all my equipment (allegedly). In the manual there are loads of codes from every kind of manufacturer you can imagine.....apart from the Pace NTL digi-box. Does anyone know the code for this?

Thanks in advance from a complete novice!


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I have the same TV as yourself but have not had any of those problems that you mention, but i will give some suggestions to maybe cure them.

1. Make sure that 'Automatic Format' is turned off in the menu(press menu, right 5 times and its one of the options under heading 'Feature Menu'). This might cure the switching problem.

2. Have you adjusted the default contrast and brightness settings?(the default ones are far to bright (set to make pic look good in the shop)). Ideally you should have Contrast at 65 and Brightness at 45 (or as close as depending on amout of light in your room), also turn off Black Stretch mode.

3. Have you set-up your dvd player properly? Have you told it that you have a 16:9 (widescreen) TV?. This option should be in the set-up menu, i'm only guessing as i dont own one.

4. Code for Yamaha remote i can't help with. Have you thought about a learning remote? The best sensible priced one(under £100) would be the Cambridge M1 its a doddle to use and set-up and will control just about anything.

Hope some of the above works, if it dosn't im sure someone else will have the answer.

Good Luck:p

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