Forgive me for my ignorance!


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ok well heres the deal....

i move into new house in sept when go back to uni.
already has NTL installed n previous tenants used for tv, fone, broadband.

now the issues arise with wanting broadband ourselves aswell. now i dont want to go with NTL as ive heard nothing but bad things.

now when i mentioned to landlord about broadband, he said that all ntl serices go through cable rather than phone line for calls n broadband.
now ive not got a clue! is this true n does that mean there wont be a normal landline connected?

or is the landlord jus telling porkies?

if he is right, and it does go through cable does that mean i cant sign up for sky broadband, or any other broadband services without changing line back to BT?


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the cable pulled to the house will indeed carry all 3 services although the telco cable is in fact a seperate piece of wire.

There will probably be a BT line connected but from what i can remeber it's about £75 for connection.

I have NTL for all 3 services and over the past 8 years i can say is that, the cable TV as gone off once and the broadband 3 times.

On the broadband front i have the 10mb service and i constantly get 1200 kb/s.


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yes but the costs are much higher when compared to sky.

especially as have jus got offer for 6 months half price sky. and with broadband max, upto 16mb for £10 per month, with ntl offering 10mb for £35 per month! i kno i need a bt line for sky, but still is massively cheaper by reconnecting to bt.

will have to discuss with landlord, as ntl broadband prices are far too high, theyre nearly as bad as they are in hull with kingston comms using karoo.


NTL are offering introductory offers in most areas. There are no connection charges for tv,broadband and telephone. The box is supplied (loaned) free of charge. You wil not be connected to BT in any way, all the services come down the cable. If you have a BT number this will be transferred if you want it.

All these Broadband offers are a bit of a con in one way or another. Most of the 'cheap' ones have a download limit. NTL has no such limit. If you have NTL as your phone service with TV then you pay no line rental charges for the phone. I have no need for anything faster than 1mB Broadband.

All these 'offers', especially Sky ones, run out after a few months and then the true charges are slapped on once you have been hooked in. You are also committed to a years contract. What they lose on the first few months you can be assured they will make up later on. That's business. I have also found NTL to be very reliable over about 6 years. Any problems are put right pretty quickly.

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Me too- contrary to popular opinion in these forums and elsewhere - like and
I have had NTL for 8 years or more but also have had BT for work-based phone, fax and ADSL broadband for business from the same premises (i.e. I have a "home-office").
NTL's support and response has been at least equal to BT's if not better.
Example from earlier this month :
My old Pace STB was freezing and needing a reset or reboot every day or so; I phoned NTL on a Friday evening and they said they would get me a new box - but couldn't confirm this because the computer system on the desk of my support person (for logging/reporting) had locked up.
True to his word, he phoned me up on the Saturday morning to confirm and asked me if Monday PM was ok for the engineer visit/install.
The engineer duly turned up around 1.45 PM on the Monday and installed my new Samsung STB.
I then phoned NTL to point out that my old Keyboard that we had in addition to the remote control wouldn't operate or work with the Samsung box - different IR codes are used.
2 days later a new (and much smaller as well as smarter) keyboard arrived FOC (and works well). The paperwork suggested that I "dispose of the old keyboard thoughtfully"

Chris Muriel, Manchester

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