Ford Sony Generation 1 head unit - Clock Problem


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i have recently replaced the lousy Ford 6000 unit with the Ford Sony 6CD Generation 1 unit.
Such an improvement BUT I have followed the instructions exactly and I cannot get the clock to show.
It says to press the menu button and use the up and down arrows to find a date setting display. It never gets there.

Has anyone got any advice on how to get it up and running?




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Are you saying you cannot set the time on the unit?

If so is that because you do it via the stalks and the dash clocks and the radio takes the setting from there.


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The problem lies in the fact that I cannot get the menu on the radio to come up with the clock setting at all.
On the first menu all the other settings come up and can be adjusted but on the Clock doesn't appear on the menu or the display.
When the radio arrived, it had the VIN number of the car that it came from entered into it (On the second menu), I have changed that to my VIN number, used the existing radio code and everything else works except the clock. It doesn't even display when the ignition is turned off.

Any ideas?




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Can you through up a picture of the head unit?

If not is the LCD display in orange or green?


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Many thanks for your swift response.
Please find enclosed a picture of the unit, the display is green.

I'm going to be away from the computer until Monday so please excuse any delay in answering your response.

Thanks again.


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Does your manual not cover this model if this model was indeed available in the Focus with the associated trim level?

I am sure the clock is set from the little computer between the clocks.

Do you have steering wheel controls?

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