Ford Major Service, Then No Power


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My 2014 plate Fiesta went in for it's 3 year major service today.

On collection it started up and drove off okay but after about 200m up the road and accelerating, the car starts to judder as if it is about to stall. After it juddered for a bit the service light started to flicker on and off. The problem then seemed to resolve itself but then happen again intermittently at different revs in different gears when driving home.

I started to drive back to the garage but stopped and got out to visually check the car. When I got back in it seemed okay but after a mile or so (once I got out of the housing estates) it started again.

When driving up hill with the car doing 40 in 4th which normally accelerates okay, it was juddering with barely any power.

I've now phoned them and said I'll be taking it back tomorrow for them to fix.

What do you think might be the cause? The Ford site says this about the service light:

If the Service Engine Soon indicator light stays lit after you’ve started the engine, the On Board Diagnostics system (OBD) has detected a malfunction of the vehicle emissions control system. Contact your authorized dealer as soon as possible.

If indicator light is blinking, an engine misfire may be occurring, which could damage your catalytic converter. Drive in a moderate fashion (avoid heavy acceleration and deceleration), and have your vehicle serviced immediately.*"

It has had air and oil filters changed. Oil changed and spark plugs changed today.


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Have you actually checked the oil level ?


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I'd check the plugs and leads first.


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Hope you are not going to pay for that, it wasn't cracked before you took it in and they did the plugs

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