Ford Focus Turbo problem?


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Hi there
I was looking for some advise and help with a problem i have with my car.
I have a Ford Focus 1.8 TDci Ghia 04'Reg.

i was driving yesterday, having put my foot down whilst travelling up a hill the 'turbo thrust' attempted to kick-in and

failed. Since then when i accelorate by putting my foot down fully, i can hear an annoying 'whirling' sound, when the rev's

reach about 2500. Its almost like the turbo is trying to initiate, but failing to do so.

There are no fumes being emitted from the exhaust.

Usually, when I accelalorate there is a 'lag' for about a second and then the car rapidly picks up speed in the form of a

thrust - i assume this is when the turbo kicks-in.

Ive been told its either the 'Air Mass Meter' OR the 'Turbo'.
Is there anyway i can test this or check this?
Im praying its not the turbo :-(, which im guessing will be very very costly.

I hope ive described the problem so it can be understood.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance and i look forward to hearing from any experts.



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Hi AP,

Your problem is an easy fix!

You have had a intercooler pipe blow off. If you put your head under the bonnet you will see a number of big round black hoses abour 4" wide, One of these has come off the end off the alley intercooler at the radiator(front of car) or induction side (inlet manifold side) loose the jubilee clip off with a plain screw driver , slip back on the housing and retighten--TIGHT!

If you cant see it get some one to rev the car and you will hear the pipe blowing.

If that is not the case look for a split in oe of the hoses letting the boost pressure leak.

Best of look.



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Has it had regular oil changes with the correct oil ? The turbo bearings float on a cushion of oil, so if the oil has got a bit thick and gungy, the turbo can overheat and fail.

Worth check the waste gate is not stuck open. The will prevent the turbo spinning up. there is a lever on top of the turbo from the actuator to the wate gate, They can sometimes seize up, but are easy enough to free off.

Depending on how mechanical you are feeling, you could disconnet the the outlet pipe from the turbo to the manifold or intercooler and then rev the engine. You should get a good blast of air down the pipe as the exhaust drives the turbo. If not, the turbo is failing or broken...

It should be easy to read the fault code for any sensors that are failing. Most garages can read Fords with ease. You should be able to get a scrap turbo quite cheaply, but you would be best with a rebuilt re-con as there is not easy way of telling the condition with running them up.


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The Focus 1.8 TDci has a very common problem with the rubber turbo pipe on top of the engine....the one with a metal pipe attached that has an electrical connection on it. The pipe is usually at the driver's side on top of the engine.

It is very common for the rubber pipe to split giving the symptoms you mentioned.

I have changed around 10 of these pipes....they cost around £38 from Ford, you get the rubber pipe and the metal pipe as a unit and have to swap over the electrical item screwed into it......20 minute job.

I hope this helps and is correct for your car.


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I had a similar issue with my focus when it was a couple of months old. I was getting a sort of noise that sounded like a had a dump valve installed when the turbo kicked in. Turned out to be a leak in the intercooler...

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