Ford Focus '06' 1426121 Aux wire, Helllpppp pleaseee!


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Hi guys I need help from you genius's out there, I know loads of people have had problems with this but i just cant find the info i need, long story short bought a focus, want to listen to my ipod in the car so I bought the 1426121 Aux wire kit, ready to plug in and go!

I found the Connector behind the glove box, 6 pins with 3 wires(black, black and white, orange and black)

The 1426121 kit has 3 pins and 3 different colour wires, which connects to he 3.5mm jack adapter

2 things I need to know,

No.1 is the wire I found behind the glove box connected into the back of the stereo(6000CD with AUX button), Im guessing yes

No.2 how do i connect/match the black, black and white, orange and black to the 3 different colour wires which came with the 1426121 Kit

Ive got the male to male 3.5mm wire ready to go just need to sort the above issue out

Would really appreciate your help guys




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Hi Simon thanks for your reply, I understand the wire I have fits directly into the back of the stereo, i'm looking to connect the wire behind the glove box to the 3.5mm adapter but the connection is different?

Cheers anyway mate


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I know this isn't much help but do the 06 Focii not have a 3.5mm jack on the wire from the factory? I have an 06 Mondeo and the lead is standard AFAIK.


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Hi heed
Basically the 3.5mm jack connects to the wire sat behind the glove box, the 1426121 kit comes with the 3.5mm jack adapter but the connection to the glove box wire is different

It's really annoying me, there must be an adapter out there which is made for the focus just can't seem to find it

What's a AFAIK?

Cheers mate


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the focus did not come standard with a 3.5mm jack in the glovebox. if you have a 3.5mm plug, try fitting it into the jack. If you get a loose fit, its just a blanking plug. If you want to use the aux feature, you can buy a kit from Ford for about £20.00. they are made for the fiesta, but will fit all fords.



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Did you manage to solve the problem of the aux connector wiring behind the glove box having six holes and the actual aux plug itself having three?

I have the same problem, just wondered what you did.


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