Ford badge replacement programme.


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Ford have acknowledged the issue with the ford badges on the rear of there vehicles, they usually chip, peel or in some cases go milky coloured on the chrome areas, in my case all of the above and the cars not even three years old!

Ford have released a document (see below) encouraging dealerships to replace boot badges free of charge on vehicles upto 10 years old! My dealership refused my claim but after contacting ford this morning they confirmed it was true and now my car is booked in for a replacement.
Fill yer boots.



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My rear badge became damaged around the chrome part within 1 year from brand new.
I bought a new badge myself for £12 and sealed round the edge then got my dealer to fit it free of charge.
The new badge has been on the car longer than the original and is still looking perfect.
I have a gel overlay fitted so its only the chrome part that is exposed.
I dont understand how Ford have not been able to cure this long running problem with rear badges. :confused:


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I'm guessing the ones you see that are good are replacements, ive had mines replaced and the new one is holding good but hasnt had an extreme winter yet.

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