Ford 6000CD Unit - Multi CD or Not?



Hi All,

Have a Mondeo 2005 reg with a 6000CD head unit and the dealer is telling me its a multi cd,"just pop in all 6 discs up front" but I cant find how to load any more than 1. Any help appreciated.

It is definetaly the 6000CD and not the 6006 so it has no LOAD button so I cant see how you load 2nd, 3rd etc disc up.

Anyone out there know the answer? :lease:


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I may be wrong but i think this model is a single disc player.


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The multi cd is an option with the 6000cd unit I believe. The loader will normally either be in the glove box or in the boot if you have it.


Just to confuse things even more :devil: , my FIL has a Mondeo CD head unit, double din size.
1 slot , 6 CDS . Couldn't tell you the model number tho :D


the 600 is a single CD player and the 6006e is a six disk unit, the easy way to confirm this is to do an ebay search for 6000 FORD HEAD UNIT and 6006E FORD HEAD UNIT and you will see the two different units.



Can I chuck another question in here?....

I have an 04 mondeo ctdi LX, I purchased a 6cd changer off ebay with all wiring, however, I cannot get it to 'find' the multichanger.. there was no pin out place on the rear of the head unit, just a large connector block I have now butchered...

I initially thought that the changer loom would slot into one of the smaller connector fittings under the large double block but one is for the steering wheel controls and neither will power the changer...

When I press CD button twice it reads "no cd changer", am I missing something or is this just not compatable - the unit has - CD and Aux (top left) I have attached some photo's - rear of head unit, front of head unit, changer cable and connection and changer unit..

Cheers for any help



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The unit you've purchased is for the older model ford head units (5000/6000/7000).

There's nothing you can do with it other than put back on ebay!

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