Ford 6000CD - Help with Speakers ??

Eddy Kins

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I have a 6000CD unit with 6 disc multichanger fitted in my 2004 Mondeo GhiaX. No matter how much I fiddle with the settings I don't like the sound of it.
Does anyone know a: what speakers are fitted with this unit (without me having to virtually dismantle the doors!)
b: whether I would be likely to benefit from upgrading them
c: if so, any recommedations for compatable speakers
d: whether I should buy a mercedes!


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I have a 6000 in my mondeo Ghia.

I took advice from the local car audio. The speakers fitted by ford (like the Radio) are branded Ford. The salesman said that they are just another component to Ford, and alleged that they cost about 50p.

I looked for a mid range solution, and ended up buying a Sony pair from Halfords. (didn't have the bottle to dismantle all four doors so just did the fronts).

Ok to do it yourself, but like me you'll probably scratch something trying to lever out the plastic bits. Make sure you pick a dry day !

Quality improvement is phenomenal. Better detail, and better bass. Really don't regret those scratches. But havn't built up the energy to do the rear doors.

Make sure you get the proper oval shape (Halford will have a book listing compatability of speakers to cars). Apologies, but I cannot recall the model number.

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