Forcing 24hz output on sony x800 player for videos played from usb and lan


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I have a strange issue with my sony x800 that's not present on some other players i have, in 24p output settings for blu ray there are 3 options auto on or off, on newer displays auto option works fine, but on some of my older displays auto is the same as off, but "on" works fine(both display and the player show that they are in 24hz mode), how ever leaving the player on "on" does seem to switch from 24p and 60p just fine if blu ray is encoded in 30hz, so what's the point of auto? To make the matters worse there are only auto and off options for data (usb), and network, "on" is only available for blu ray, and the player refuses to switch to 24hz output when playing files from usb or network if it's connected to display that doesn't work with auto setting, but it does switch 24hz just fine if I try to play bluray on the same display, on different display where auto works it switches to 24hz on everything like it should, does anyone know how I can "force on" 24hz output for data (usb) and network content?
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