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forced to change cans, need help.


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Hello, to start with I absolutely love my headphones. A pair of Grado PS500, but as I live in a noisy house I need to change them. See I have tinnitus and need my headphones to not be too loud (to compensate for outside sound). So I want a pair of headphones that isolates and preferably, sounds as good as the Gradoes.

I tried some Bose with 'noise canceling' at the store, absolutely hated it, I'd much rather have some closed cans. I will be only using them at home any ways.

I wondered if you have any suggestions? I will be selling or trading my Gradoes for the new ones

My current set up:
NAD 326BEE amplifier
Hegel HD2 DAC (music source is a computer)
obv. Grado PS500 and a set of B&W 685 speakers.


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You do not give budget so look at Beyer DT880 and Beyer T1. Treble not as peakey as Grado so you may find more balanced. Best to demo at HiFi retailer and take your Grado along for comparison

There is a lot out there, sometimes can stumble on a sig you like

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I'd take a look at the Fostex TH-600.. They have great soundstage and could be a great alternative to open backed headphones :)


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I have always heard that ultrasone are the best closed back cans. Sorry that may not help much unless you hadn't had them in the equation. Not sure about the prices as like most of these brands I think they can get rather pricey. Ta

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