Forced download - "can't be done mate"


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Had my refurb Sky+ installed today and all seems OK. It's a v.1 but from what I've seen on this forum of some of the v.2 problems this may be no bad thing. I have it set up with sound going through my Sony surround sound (so that I can take advantage of DD) via the optical link and Scart straight in to my TV tuner set up for RGB - I was a bit concerned having read some of the comments regarding picture quality with Sky+ but the picture actually seems a bit better than with my previous Panasonic box.
Anyway, on to the question:
The software installed is Sky+ 1.25.d and when I asked the installer if this was the latest software and equipped for dual record his first response was that the v.1 was not capable of dual record but when I queried this he eventually told me that it would dual record but I would have to wait a couple of weeks for Sky to automatically download the latest software version. I mentioned forced download and he told me it was not possible to force a download with Sky+!
Is it possible (advisable?) to force a download or do I have to wait for Sky to activate something?

Amusing footnote: While explaining to my girlfriend about what Sky+ could do, pause live TV etc and "create your own TV channel" her response was that there was a film on in an hour and could Sky+ bring the start time forward so that she could watch it now????" I did explain that if could, we should watch tomorrows horse racing and then place a few bets!


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Thats rubbish mate, do a forced download yourself. Take card out turn off at the mains, hold the backup button down, on the digibox not the remote. And then power up whilst still holding the backup button down untill all the ligt are on.


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Thanks, that's what I thought. I'll give it a whirl as soon as I've finished recording Pearl Harbour


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Originally posted by mallet
Why are so many installers ill-informed?

1. because their only interest is "get 'em installed and get the dosh quick "

2. because the members on these forums are a d**n sight more clever!


Many Thanks, that little bit of info was very usefull I got my £99.00 v1 box installeed last week and I was worried that it would not be able to do dual channel recordings.

Now it does and I'm far happier.

Thanks again!

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