force refresh rate, 8600GTS, vista x64


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Ok, I'm running Windows Vista x64, I have a 8600GTS graphics card. I have a standard computer monitor running 1280x1024x60Hz and it plays every video without any problems. However, I mostly watch stuff on my 1920x1080 HDTV.

Now the problem. The maximum refresh rate I can select is 30Hz (other options are 25Hz and 29Hz). When I watch movies on that I have some bad stuttering.

The weird thing is that I did not have any problems with the exact same setup on XP. I could run it 1920x1080x60Hz without any problems, and not have the stuttering problem.

as far as I know ReClock doesn't work on Vista, and Powerstrip doesn't work with 8x00 cards from Nvidia. Is there another way I can force the refresh rate of my TV to 60Hz?

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