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Force radio delay on Onkyo 508. Can it be done?


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Is there a way to get the radio on Onkyo 508 delayed by X seconds? Trying to watch a football match with commentary from radio, which is 2-3 seconds ahead.

A way I know of to do it is taking the audio feed through a pc first and using the RadioDelay program before routing it back out. However, I'm not sure how to tell the Onkoy 508 to send my pc (RCA out --> line in) the audio via Tuner, and then have it heard again via the PC source (HDMI).

To make it clearer, my setup is as follows:

PC --- [HDMI] ---> 508 --- [HDMI] ---> TV
508 --- [RCA] ---> PC

If I have source = Tuner on the 508, I can see the audio feed in my PC (Line In levels go up). However, how can I tell the 508 to then use as source the audio from the PC via HDMI instead of the tuner?

Would Zone2 help here? I fiddled a bit but couldn't get it to work.



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Fixed! I can't believe I hadn't seen it before. I had connected the RCA audio cables in an OUT on the 508 when there's a dedicated ZONE 2 pair of outputs. Also turning it on is a bit tricky on the remote, but the manual explains it perfectly.

Sorry for this question post, but perhaps it can be left in case someone else can't figure out how to do this either.

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