Force my PC into "Away Mode" after a period of time


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Now I have managed to to get my ViiV PC up and running I wondered if theres a way to force it into "Away Mode" after a certain amount of time of inactivity (ie no keyboard input / no activity on the MCE screen / live TV not being played etc)? (ie just like standby / hybernate etc).

At the moment I have to remember to press the power button on the front which switches it into away mode.


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I think 'Standby' is the same as 'Away mode' with Viiv/MCE. I just set up Windows to go into standby after a set period and it just seems to work.

This document from Dell doesn't seem to agree though.

A document from Intel adds
When using the Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition remote control, the power button on the remote control is controlled by the sleep button option on this properties page.


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Stiggy said:
I think 'Standby' is the same as 'Away mode' with Viiv/MCE.
No its different. I can use standby, hybernate and also away mode. Main difference is that the PC is still functioning (in a clock speed reduced / low power mode) and all my applications (inc TV recording) are still running.

It would have been nice if MCE 2005 / ViiV included a feature such that when I walk away and its sat doing nothing for 5 minutes it goes into away mode automatically.

Hmm - There has to be a way !
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