Force Feedback Steering Wheel for the Xbox


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Hi all.

Is there one? Are there any plans for one?



I got the 360 Modena a week ago and it does the job well, very well. It also has the bonus of an adapter to place it on your lap while you sit to stop it moving about.

£45 at Game.


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I've bought a Gamester Lotus Wheel which is quite good and if you're lucky your local Dixons may have it mispriced instore @ £ 24.99. I've had two at this price from different stores.


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Bought a Lotus wheel, and have only had a quick go so far. Inital impressions don't seem too great - I feel there's far too much lock req'd (on PGR). The annoying thing is I've chucked the receipt! :( Is it poss to calibrate it? Or do you get used to it? (Or even, am I just too picky?):rolleyes:


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Lock as in steering wheel lock. IE you have to physically turn the wheel a lot for a small change of direction.


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Sorry to bring this thread back to life after so long all, but I am after a steering wheel for XBox for my nephew and wonder if anyone is using a better one than the Modena? Is the Lotus still considered second best? Any good prices around please?

Cheers! :smashin:


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Can't answer your question, I'm afraid, but I can ask one of my own! ;)

Do you post as "Craft" on Scoobynet by any chance?


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LOL :)

It was just the way you used the :smashin: straight after your username in the same way he does!

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