Force 10 From Navarone on BBC2


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Just enjoyed watching this, ideal New Year's Day war film where action replaces realism.

Apart from the all star cast there are a few surprises along the way. Some most noticable after watching the original Guns of Navarone yesterday. First time I've watched them 'back to back'.

Mallory has changed from Gregory Peck to Robert Shaw. I can accept that in a way that James Bond changes actor. Not so sure about how he suddenly forgot he was fluent in German though. :laugh:

Miller changing from David Niven to Edward Fox. Prefer Fox to be honest, he fits the character as an eccentric Englishman slightly better than Niven.

Good to see Jaws in a non-Bond film. :clap:

Good to see Harrison Ford and Carl Weathers just as they were becoming famous in Star Wars and Rocky.

Biggest surprise though was Barbara Bach. She may have looked a bit gaunt, possibly to fit the role, but even on BBC2 on a Sunday afternoon we get a bit of boob and nipple action. :clap: Maybe the DVD is worth owning after all if it includes a bit more naked bathtub action. :devil:

So overall an enjoyably WWII movie. Some may think it's a crap sequel but they're missing out. :p

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Yeah, love the 1970s haircuts in war films of the period. Cross of Iron being a more notable example. Kinda dumb going undercover in occupied Yugoslavia with a token black character too.


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Well he did invite himself on the mission, and they pointed out the problem of him standing out.

A bit surprised the BBC left the racist stuff in, where they call him blackie and other derogatory names, and Jaws trying to rub/cut off the black as if it was camouflage. Though it can be seen as a more accurate portrayal of the times (similar to the bar scene in The Victors) showing how society has largely improved since then. Even if a remake these days would have the over sensitive PC brigade demanding changes along the lines of renaming the dog in Dambusters. :rolleyes:

Best thing I like about this style of WWII film is how they're a movie form of playing toy soldiers as a young lad. Action Man on film.

I grew up watching these kinds of movies and loved them. Like I grew up watching the Hammer/Amicus and B movie (giant monster) type of horror.

Fortunately the war films have aged better than the old horror stuff, maybe the nostalgia is enforced knowing they're based on real events, even if only loosely.
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