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With the not too distant arrival of HD tv and DVDs I have started thinking towards a lcd or plasma purchase. Now I understand that it makes sense to opt for the largest size that A) your budget allows , B) your seating position allows (too close or too far away is obviously bad) and in my case C) HD ready.
The slight fly in the ointment is that I already have a projector that will be my display device of choice for all movies and footie for the forseeable future. With this in mind I am wondering if it makes sense to get a more modest flat panel.
I hope someone on here can grasp what I am getting at, basically I don't want the PJ to get made practically redundant.. :eek:
What do others think.


I have the same problem....but reversed!

I bought a 32" plasma to watch tv (Hitachi PD5200) and plan to buy a projecter next year (when I can get something like the 5700 for 4805 money!).

I boaght a 32" plasma as (IMHO) from a viewing distance of 3m a 42" TV looked like overkill for watching Eastenders etc. I know the advice is to get the biggest screen for the money, but who uses a 50" rear projection screen AND a projector in the same room?

I am more than happy with a 32" for TV (bigger rooms may require a 37" etc...)

PS (I know my TV is NOT fully HD compatible, but will accept a 60hz signal, no SKY HD but Blu ray etc....oooh yes!)

I have seen my TV new for £950!! thats CRT money!

I just have to find out the best projector for <£1000 which is HD ready, and will produce a 1.8m image with a throw of 3.2 m!


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i actually tend to watch most of my TV on my projector now (7205 with 86in screen) because it doesnt tire out my eyes like a normal display can on extended viewing, i tend to use a screen for a lot of the day, from 12-5 at work, then a couple hours gaming to keep me in trim for my clan, then 2 hours odd watching a movie, then usually finish off with an episode of Voyager and some HIGNFY/QI/Buzzcocks.........all that on a normal TV display would kill me eyes with daily use, but on my PJ im not bothered at all......downside is im clocking up 6 hours a day on the bulb...heh

but then if you think it would cost a couple grand to get a decent LCD/Plasma screen of the same quality, thats about 5 or 6 bulbs.....which is at my current usage rate about 5 years......sounds fair to me...hehe, even in the daytime normal TV is watchable, and i can always blackout the room if i wanna watch a film in the daytime..

so my advice OP is flog the telly, get a very good projector (ie a nice HD DLP) and just use that....heh.....sounds odd but looking at nearly 2m of projected upon screen isnt anywhere near as eye straining as looking at 42in of display screen....(presumably because of the way the light is coming to you)


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(altho i have heard some people seem to find DLP tiring, so might be worth testing that if you know someone with a DLP.....cant remember if it was just DLP, or any PJ in general)
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