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I ordered one of these online (UK firm) on Saturday and it turned up today. However, when I got it out of the box, and looked at the back of the unit, I noticed it had no Scart output. I checked the companies website again and the specifications stated EURO Scart output. I also checked the Pioneer site and that had a image clearly showing a Scart connector.

I spoke to the company who confirmed that it should have this connector but they couldn't explain why the one they sent me didn't have one :confused:

Has anyone else picked up one of these jobbies and not had a Scart output?


What region does it say it is for on the back of the dvd player?


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Fatti said:
I forgot to look, but it was purchased as multiregion
The connections on the machine will be for the region of origin, before it was made multi region and if there is no scart socket then it is not a region 2 machine. I have never seen a UK machine without a least 1 scart output.


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Thanks Graham, I thought it a little odd there being no scart. They are going to send me out another when they get the other one back, just hope it's a one-off and the new one has one. I thought with multi-region players that companies bought them up as region 2 then modded them themselves, hence the boxes being re-sealed. The box this one came in looked like it was the original seal.

Greg Mandel

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Euro 696s should have a SCART (mine does). The only times I ever see models without SCART is when they are really meant for the US market, or they've been imported from the US.

IIRC, Pioneer actually do different model numbers between Europe and the US, rather than the same model number with a different suffix to represent the Euro spec with a SCART.


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NX3 said:
Who did you order it from ?
Probably not fair to say who it was at this stage. It was a UK based firm that I linked through to using the Shop tab at the top of the page. Their customer service, so far, has been reasonable, and it might just be a one-off.

Royal Mails Track And Trace says they have received the item back but no email to say they've received it. I started writing this a few hours ago and since then I phoned their sales line to find out how long things will take...might as well asked the Mrs as for the all good it did. Now starting to get less than impressed. I know things can't happen instantly but a bit of feedback would be nice. They've sent me an incorrect item so I would expect prompt service to get me the correct item...especially as they now have my money:mad:
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