For those who have or are about to buy D.P. av32r/192r.

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Steve.EX, Aug 2, 2003.

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    A bit of first hand experience/knowledge to share here.

    As some of you may know i purchased a new D.P 32r (selling my original) back in mid April, and have only now in the last 2 weeks got a unit that i feel is performing correctly

    To cut a long story short you should connect a cd playeretc to the unit via sp/dif and listen to a quiet track in direct mode, you are listening for a spitting sound much akin to an rf spike etc from the left or right channel. this is something that at least several units suffered from and i feel may well be more simply to owners have yet to unearth it. As i undrstand it (spending many hours in correspondance with J Mulcahy (one of Tags top Technical chaps) there is/was a problem with crosstalk across the front two channels.
    anyway i would say that my unit number is 5048 and presumably all after that are not affected, but i only received it backk a couple of weeks ago so the modifications are very recent indeed.
    This affected both 32's and 192's but not all as i understand it.

    I would end that if like the earlier post you are able to get one for 2000 (just unbelievable really) then it is a sensational buy, although dissapointed with the companys' situation i love the processor and i paid alot more for it, just be aware that this problem exists and have it seen to as soon as possible.



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