For those concerned about resolution.....

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I just read this article. Don't know if it's a credited author or not but seems to have some knowledge and ties in with everyone like me concerned with screen size and resolution.

I don't like the thought of his prediction of 2009 and double the resolution. See my other thread on 1080p oversold?

If he's right, the new 1080p tv's will be superceded in as little as 20 months ??

Also explains at what distance and screen size the resolution becomes a notable factor.

Any thoughts???


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!080p will not be superceded in 20 months.

If you look at his graphs he is basically saying that if you have a 50" screen which is bigger than most people will have, you need to sit a maximum of 8 feet away from it to benefit from 1080p which is closer than most people sit

So he is saying that you need 1080p but his figures suggest that the majority of people don't

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what about later on in the article....

1440 and 2160 mentioned 2009


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The Japanese have been playing with 1440 and 2160 technology for the past 2 years at least, but it's a long way off from being ratified for use, in much the same way 1080p is the preserve of movies and not broadcasters.
So, it's likely to be 5+ years off before it becomes worth even discussing.

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thanx pjskel,

It's good to have people on here with a breadth of knowledge.


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