for the love of god, can someone explain the Seaborne Freight situation


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so let me get this right, "government" awarded the contract (in secret) to a company which never operated, and does not have a single ferry, the company disappear after being found out.

why no one got prosecuted, fired, and life goes on, who awarded the contract, and who was behind this company?

there are so many recent examples in the recent history of events the original test and trace contract award etc.

is it just corruption, and thieves covering for other thieves? or is there more to it? why the public cannot do anything about this, yes we (not me) voted the government in, but that does not mean that thieves getaway.
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Seabourne is hardly a secret, it was discussed in here at the time. Glad to hear the new contracts have at least been given to companies with ships :)


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You could probably just pop this into the Brexit thread to be honest.

With regards to the story I was always told any talk of this kind of thing was just Project Fear nonsense 🤔


"Securing these contracts ensures that irrespective of the outcome of the negotiations, life-saving medical supplies and other critical goods can continue to enter the UK from the moment we leave the EU."

But we've already left the EU.... 🤔

And this from Grant Shapps it seems. Not a remain mouthpiece the last time I checked.

How odd that this would need to happen :laugh:

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