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I want to start the home cinema thing and decided on seperates, but I need serious advice and help to choose. All suggestions will be sincerely appreciated.

Receivers (in order of preference)
1. Yamaha RX-V640RDS
2. Sony STR-DB1080
3. Onkyo TX-SR600E
4. Denon AVR 1803 or 4

I also need advice on suitable, but not too expensive speakers and an accompanying DVD.

Suggestions of reputable online traders also needed.

I am at your mercy


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Welcome to the Forums. Two suggestions.

First, do have a read of all the similar threads, by paging back and by using the 'search' button.

Second, indicate the size of your budget.

ps I would favour the Denon; I bought a second hand Denon 2803 from the classifieds here, and have never regretted it. It has what I think is the minimum (5.1, going 6.1, Dolby ProLogic 2) and mire some (welly & pre-outs)


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first suggestion get a demo and consider buying from a reputable shop. It makes sense to consider it.
It's all personal opinion but I rate the denon for music and movies, don't rate Onkyo whatsoever, yamaha for movies mainly but still use with music and only go for the sony if it's movies only and a good price (£300 or less).
Speakers: presuming a fair budget check out Elac's various cinema packages.

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Of the ones you mention, I would favour the Sony 1080. You won't find many Sony friends on here but this is a little gem for the money. The STR-DB2000 is also superb. I feel the Denon 18xx range is a little over-rated, especially in terms of user friendliness and music playback. The Yamaha is good also. Can't comment on the Onkyo as I've never heard it.

For a DVD, how about a Pioneer 565 or 656. Great players that perform above their price and also do SACD and DVD-A if you require.

Speakers, consider Tannoy. I feel Mission and Kef are over-rated in terms of their budget ranges although they do make some fine speakers in the higher price brackets. The Tannoy MX or R ranges are great for the money, depending on your budget.

AS for suppliers, most are OK. Unbeatable are good. AVland are also good and I've had some pleasant dealings with , a smaller company that offers a good range and service.


Thank you to all. I have combed the threads and have settled on either Marantz 5400 or Yam Rx-v640RDS.

Now for the S/W and speakers. Confusion all over again.

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