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Sigma 70-300mm APO DG Macro in for repair with Sigma (UK) - stripped AF gears (I think). Naff quality materials (I think). Soft images @ longer zoom range . . what do you expect? Will it happen again?


Does anyone have or know of where I can blag, rent or borrow a mid-long range G-class zoom lens? For one day only (29th June). I will pay postage if anyone is willing to offer the loan of aforementioned glass.


F3 and GT Championships @ Thruxton. Would LOVE to pair my new A700 to a bogs dollox zoom lens.

No harm in asking apparently (or so the saying goes).

Just a thought.


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Sorry don't have anything long..

Might be worth trading the Sigma for a Big Beercan??

They don't seem to sell for as much as the 70-200mm, but supposed to be OK for the money from what I've read.

There are a few places where you can rent, what lens are you ideally looking for? Something like a 300mm f/4?
Or are you just looking for sharp and long rather than fast?


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Photoclubalpha do lens rentals.
But you have to subscribe to the journal

This is from an old copy when I did subscribe

Konica Minolta Lens Hire Service
The Photostore
PO Box 348, Doncaster DN4 6XX
Tel: 01302 738334 Fax: 01302 768671 Mobile 07970 291997
email: [email protected]

Description Deposit Daily Weekly P & P
200mm ƒ2.8 APO-G £450 £15.00 £60.00 £6.00
300mm ƒ4 APO-G £450 £15.00 £60.00 £6.00
400mm ƒ4.5 APO-G £800 £20.00 £80.00 £25.00

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