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ive just sent a "MISSION VOLARE V6C" via DHL to a customer through ebay

DHL have smashed the thing to bits and now want to know how much it was worth

ive spent the last hour doing a search on google to find a price with no luck

can anyone help?

all i need is a link to a uk website selling the speaker


Location: cambridge
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juniper said:
Surely it was worth whatever the buyer paid, and whatever you sold it for?:) .
Agreed however I'm pretty sure that DHL will be looking to reduce the compensation to it's actual value rather than what was stated when it was sent....!


in their claim form it specifically states not to send proof of value if it was an auction item

i suppose thats incase it was worth £100 and some muppet paid £150 for it not knowing its true value

until today i did not know there was a for sale bit on here even though ive used this site many times

also how did you find my item when it finished ages ago

having used ebay since the mid 1990's (the usa one) i really should know but its managed to avoid my attention

thanks to all of you who replied but i need a link to a company selling it so they know how much it is worth



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