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Dec 11, 2002
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As some of you may be aware disabling SVM via the service menu seems to be impossible. When you exit out of the service menu your setting is overidden when using personal picture mode (as I hope you all do). To overide this "feature" remove decorative bottom panel the one with the glass, this just pauls off from either end with a sharp tug. Then remove the 4 screws holding the hardboard cover protecting the CRT guns. You should be able to see the 3 Guns. Middle is Green (ZG board) on this board look for pin connector CN7608 its location is on the right of centre on the ZG board first row of connectors to the right of the gun at the bottom. Pin 1 which is a white wire needs to be removed / cut from this connector. I managed to remove the pin itself (just incase I need to put back for warrantee) by using a watchmakers screw driver to push the lug of the connector whilst gently pulling on the wire (whislst the connector was removed from the ZG board). Put the connector back and SVM is permanantly disabled in all picture modes. I would suggest using AVIA contrast test B4 doing this modification. You will notice the bottom black line in the white segment is over twice the thickness that it should be. Once SVM is disabled the line is now the correct size. Please be aware i'm not a TV technician, all the above was worked out by following the circuit diagram within the service manual between the E board and the ZG board. If anyone knows a easier way of defeating SVM then please post.

Nice one scoobs. Haven't the bottle to do this yet, but it will be filed for future reference. Have you taken the screen off yet to clean your crts and mirror?
Tweak is very easy, the only risky bit was that I didnt have any instructions on what wire to cut, luckly the service menu was quite easy to determine which wire fed the green gun the SVM signal. I reckon it would take you about 10 mins to do (and remember if you remove the wire from the multi connector it is totally reversible). Tools needed are just a pair of long nose pliers and a philips screwdriver to remove screws. Last night cleaned the guns once again very easy, mirror looks like more of a challenge due to having to take the shroud of the top of the TV will wait to the weekend for that. CRTS were covered in dirt so well worth doing. Since SVM is defeated I can increase the sharpness control by over twice was it was without getting any ringing etc.
Great tweak. Here's a photo of the Sony KP44PS2 with the white svm wire in the foreground removed from the leftmost of the 3 white connectors.

If you've got an RPTV and you're fond of tweaking, you owe it to yourself to try this one. It improves picture quality by an order of magnitude. Text is so much clearer and sharper, images just look more natural with much greater depth and detail. I didn't think svm was too much of a problem until I saw the results without it.

Look at Avia needle pulse and checkerboard patterns to see the distortions caused by SVM. The text in Sky Sports News is great for seeing the improvements when it's disabled.


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I'm new to this forum,and I just wanted to let you know,that all the tweaks mentioned here helped a lot.
I've purchased this tv 2 weeks ago,second hand & thanks to the tips,it works like new,especially the SVM wire disconnected,that was a real eye-opener!

Thank you all!
Look at all my other threads for other tweaks

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