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Feb 4, 2004
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Yes, it's that same question that I'm sure you've been asked a million times! But hey, I'm new to the game and need a little help.

I have just upgraded from 28" wide/flat screen panasonic tv with SCHT70 home cinema system to a 42" plasma - I now need DVD/Audio/Speakers etc. I am looking towards a progressive scan DVD, would like reasonable sound and vision, but haven't ever found anything to grumble about with the SCHT70 - but guys keep scoffing when I mention all-in-one systems! Budget for audio/visual set up is £600 (maybe a little more for something spectacular) and I want the DVD/Home Cinema to be multiregion and have component output to connect directly to the plasma.

Please don't laugh - just give me a clue!? Is it best to go separate or all-in-one for convenience and budget?
For £600, I think I would just update the audio side of your system and keep your all in one as a DVD player (for now). You should be able to get a decent amp/receiver for about £250 and then £300 for speakers and £50 for cables should sort you out. Do you require tiny speakers that can be hidden out of the way, or could you go for larger (and better) speakers? If you can get decent sized speakers to begin with, with say a frequency response that can go down to say 60Hz with some force, then I'd skip the sub for now and add one when you have some more cash. I assume the all in one machine has a digital output to connect it to the amp? If not then factor in something like £80 for a Toshiba SD330 or similar. You will hear a difference from your all in one system, especially at higer volume. When you later add a sub for say £200, you will hear an improvement again!

Your next purchase would then be a new DVD player and £250 would get you a good Progressive machine. If your plasma has DVI then look at something like the Yamakawa 365 for under £150.

I hope others will chime in with advice on actual amp and monitor models etc.

Good luck.
Good grief! Talk about getting technical - I'll have to print off your reply and read it over with a drink ... or two! Many, many thanks for taking the time to respond to such a old question.

Also, my SCHT70 isn't progressive scan - does that make much of a difference with DVDs?
My choices for £600 is as follows:
Its nicy & easy.....
Yamaha RXV440 £198.95

Tannoy FX5.1 £178.95

Limit DVDA900SE which has progressive scan NTSC and PAL. £159.99
Right here on the Av forums Power buys

That leaves £62.11 for some cables.
You will need all speaker cable, a digital interconnect (DVD to Amp) and a component cable (DVD to Plasma).
I don't know what to suggest but have a look around the richer sounds website and you should come out with change for a few beers to enjoy a film.

Contar :clap:

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