For fans of Warm 1 colour temperature who own a C1 or G1, what colour temperature do you have your new TV at?


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I own a C7, C9 and now a G1. And I've always never liked how yellow things look at Warm 2 colour temperature and love how it looks at Warm 1.

May I know if you're an owner of a C1 or G1 and a fan of Warm 1 colour temperature, what colour temperature are you setting your C1/G1 to?

I'm undecided which setting is the new Warm 1 colour temperature.


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Had the CX (similar to C1) set to default warm 2, but after a few weeks tried warm 1 and loved it.....for about 1 day, reason being is people of colour appear very incorrect imo. Did not take too long to realise warm 2 is the default for a very good reason.

If you are still unsure, try warm for a week and then warm 2.


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C1 and G1 are different from older models of LG OLEDs. There's warm 50 all the way to cool 50 so you can have very precise settings of colour temperature.


I'm undecided which setting is the new Warm 1 colour temperature.

Pick whichever one you prefer. What anyone else uses doesn’t really make much difference to you

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