For anyone using a 'cheap' HDMI baluns extender


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After seeing how affordable HDMI over cat5e is now, I'm considering it as an option to feed sky HD to one of my bedrooms upstairs.

For anyone who has bought a cheap HDMI extender, lets say less than £50, are there any to avoid? Best to stick with mains powered?

The cheapest out there seem to be these at £25:

HDMI Cat5e / Cat6 Extender balun, 1080p up to 30m on eBay (end time 28-Nov-10 20:07:35 GMT)

They all appear to have the same case & connections up to around £50, so I'd guess that they are all the same just rebranded?

Likewise, I'll be needing a splitter, again, is it best to stick to a powered one of these rather than passive?

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