footie on bbc hd this evening??


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while watching man utd vs watford on bbc hd tonight, the screen kept flickering and the sound went for the last 10 minutes.
anyone else have these problems or was it just me?


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Others have commented on the picture flickering, but I never noticed, seeing as I was too busy on here :)
The audio played up a lot, but only went down for a couple of mins for me.

To be fair, it's early days for live HD.

I remember when live satellite feeds first came out (prob mid 70's?).
They invariably went totally tits up, leaving you with a blank screen.
Trust me it was a lot more frustrating than the faults you get now.

Imagine the scene.
A hyped up interview with some bigwig :smashin: (no net, remember).
So you've waited for a couple of hours, then the big moment arrives.

"We're now going live to New York, via satellite"

Blank screen :rotfl: :(


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I had the same issues today. It was my first HD footy match experience since my V+ install yesterday. Picture was amazing very impressed shame about the interuptions but still better than watching it on ITV SD which is utterly appaling!!


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yeah, i had the v+box installed on friday and the picture flickered a few times and also the sound went which was annoying. switched back and forth between normal bbc and hd channel about 5 times during the game. apart from that was quite impressed with the picture quality for a first live hd experience.


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I've got Sky HD & V+, both flickered so it must have been the BBC.

Charlie :thumbsup:


I also got my V+ installed this week and was pleasantly suprised to see they were showing the football. First impression was wow :eek: the picture looked amazing! For some reason i was getting no sound though, so had to plug my surround speakers directly into the V+ box, and the quality seemed better over HD? the sound loss was annoying, but i jus watched it without, nice break from the 'commentators' babbling on about some utter rubbish!!


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Yup, sound and picture breaks here too. Put it down to a 'trial service' me ;)

Anything which can drown out Motty is a good thing, surely :thumbsup:

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