Footballer's Cars


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It was originally this colour scheme :


But after spending £10k, it's now a more City based theme :

Man City's Steve is a true <blue>blue</blue> | The Sun |News

His previous motor :



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That looks horrendous!

Keeping the car a smooth silver with luxury fittings would have looked so much better!



" A fool & his money are soon parted " & " Money can't buy taste "

He obviously qualifies on both counts .

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I could go on and on about what I think of footballers and the waste of money they are. But this sums it up quite nicely :)


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LOL @ baseball cap and hoodie.

@man got skillz? don't think so LOL


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Bentley should have refused to manufacture it as it will damage their reputation and put off their traditional customers from buying them.


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you missed that one:

[ hotlinked images removed by moderators ]



Round the Bentley | Manchester City star Stephen Ireland buys girl flash motor | News Of The World

A QUALITY midfielder uses class, vision and style to stand out . . .

Others, like bonkers bling king Stephen Ireland, use money instead.


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:suicide: how I missed the OP, I don't know. :rotfl::rotfl:

damn it :(

seriously, I didn't see the first post. I think when I clicked on the thread, it went directly to your post. Pictures were taking longer to load. Maybe that's why. ANyway, a lame excuse :rotfl:

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All that idiot needs now is Kevin and Tracy across his windscreen banner on his R8 and the car will truly match the image those two are portraying :devil::rotfl:
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Dr Evilest

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Thinking about it, it's his girlfriend I feel really sorry for. If she turns it down with 'nah Stephen its a bit much that', she'd get binned.
So to stay on his good side she's got to drive around looking like a complete tw*t!

Bet she can't wait for Christmas!:rotfl:

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