football factory not a bad film,lot better book


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i really did like this film but it just wasnt as good as the book,there will be a few things in it that will bring it to the presses attention more than likely :rolleyes: but in general its a pretty good film.better than the firm and ID imho although you cant get much better than oldman playing becks ;) but if you fancy something different and dont mind a bit of fighting get your tickets :) the fat fella out of lock stock is great in this btw.

if you want a better insight then you really should get yourself the book and possibly hoolifan 2 good reads by 2 fellas who did the things and not just some ponce author trying to cash in on the hooli book scene.


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Is it out now?

I watched the first 15 minutes a couple of months back and it looked great! Must say from what i saw, I agree with what you say about big guy out of Lock Stock.


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oh yeah the sountrack is superb aswell ;) by all accounts the fella out of lock stock was in a millwall firm,not sure how true it is like but thats what i heard.
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