Foot/toe issues


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Hiya, bit advice please
Have recently found I have an irritating pain in my toes, around the 4th/3rd toe, it feels like they are overlapping when I walk (I know they do not, but that's what it feels like). The pain is not great, more of an irritant, but it has stopped me going for walks. Tried to get in touch with GP but could not get an appt, so went private to a local chiropodist - blooming useless, she had no idea what it might be, but she did give me a line to write to give to GP so he will hopefully send me for a ultrasound and an xray.
Just wondered if anyone else had come across something similar, the chiropodist did say it might be a nerve impingement but other than that no clue at all - any ideas?


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i've had foot pain in the past, like a stabbing pain at the base of the same toes
i've currently got a sore big toe :(
rest was the best for me, with some self massage (i find it hard to rest though as i'm an avid walker too) if it is particularly bad i would commit to say, a 2 week rest period. massage and gently stretch the toes during that time.

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