Foo Fighters Live


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WOW.......Went to see the Foo Fighters last night at the NEC in Birmingham!!!

What a gig!!!!

I still can't hear properly, and I ache all over, but it was well worth it.

Did anybody else go???


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I went to Manchester Arena.
Good show!

I may have to add another one of their albums to the one I own - "Colour & The Shape"

(But I think I already have the best one :p )

Cave In were OK to...

Ian Cox

Going to see the Foo's on Friday at Wembley arena, really looking forward to it and it will be my 3rd time seeing them live. I have got all of the Foo's albums and the colour and the shape is still their best album by some way, worth getting the new one though just for all my life which is a brilliant rock song.


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The Foo's just seem to get better every time I see them.

I have lost count how many times I have seen them now.

The First time being the second stage of Reading 95, in which the tent was almost destroyed by the amount of people in there!

Last Friday at Wembley rocked! The smiles on people's faces that hadn't been before was a picture! Simply one of the best live shows ever. Awesome.

This was the third time for me, and even though it was great was the 'worst' of the three simply due to the size of Wembley. Went to the Astoria in London back in August and Stratford Rex (?) surprise festival warm up gig a couple of years ago. Both were smaller venues with better sound... and things go much crazier! You could also grab a beer at the bar at the back of each venue whilst you had a rest! :D


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I think I have to agree with you, I much prefer smaller venues.

I have seen them at the Wolves Civic Hall a couple of times, and they have been excellent.

Saying that I can't fault the last gig at all.

Oh no, they're all great, and as long as they continue to gig, I will go see them!

Just looking forward to Pearl Jam (hopefully) touring now Riot Act's out. Wembley was great last time.

No, I'm hoping! Purely my speculation now they've got the new album out (They did last time). Sorry to get your hopes up!

Everyone - fingers crossed!


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Too Right.....I hope they tour.

I have never seen them :(

Well I did sort of, when they played with Neil Young, but it wasn't really very good!

I still listen to Ten and Vs now, and the new album is really good too. You have got my hopes up now!!!! :D


I'm so sad I'm thinking about going to new york just to see Pearl Jam as i have a nasty feeling they are going to give europe a miss this time.

Fail to see all the fuss about Foo Fighters, though? Saw them at Wembley and found them merely OK.


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Foo Fighters on BBC 2 Later With Jools Holland, repeated tonight if anyone interested, Sunday 8th @ 12.40.

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