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    i have a pace mini sky box for sale if u want to see what it looks like use this thread

    now it has most of the same functions as any other sky box except the following

    1. There is no second rgb connection to go to video on the back

    2. There isnt a second rf2 outlet ( bassicaly it can only be used with one tv easily or you have to run distribution amplifiers out of the rf1 and back on its self and to other tvs)

    no the point of this box is more about discretion you can hide on the back of most tvs and use the rf1 outlet with a magic eye so no-one really realises that it is there.

    now im a newbee to this forum but im a fully qulified CAI installer of freeview an satalite so if u have any questions then plz email.

    now the box is £50 including recorded delivery if you are interseted i have 2 to offer so email me or leave a thread with any questions an i will try an get back to u as soon as possible

    [email protected]

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