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    Not a bad movie this. Good performances from William H. Macy and Laura Dern. But the real shocker was Meat Loaf :eek: I never realised he had it in him to turn out such a great performance! :eek:

    Not a movie that I expect will appeal to all, but it's nicely filmed and nicely acted and subtle so not overly sentimental or tear jerking in the way that these things can often be (thus not schmoltzy). It also serves to remind of the irony of fighting against Hitler's fascism while similar is brewing at home. Americans never could understand irony though :rolleyes: :D

    Nice anamorphic transfer (1.85:1), but the only extra on the disk is a 10 min featurette featuring the author of the book from which the movie is drawn, namely Arthur Miller. It's a pretty good featurette, but a bit more would've been nicer.

    Sadly, watching this with Laura Dern made me pine for Wild at Heart. I bloody want it on DVD - can't even get it on VHS anymore :(

    6.5/10 from me :)

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