Focus Stacked Hover


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The same hover from the previous post but this time a focus stack of 2 shots.
Canon 30D, MPE-65 and 430EX speedlite.



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Nice one, pity it is a bit close to the bottom of the frame.
I prefer the full shot of the bug rather than extreme close ups, but if you can get both, even better. (Probably a bit of jealousy talking there as well :cool:)
Are you sure the hover wasn't dead? You get within 1 inch then have enough time to shoot various focus shots for a stack :clap:



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I'm finding these stacked focus shots quite remarkable. Really good stuff.

On the subject of hoverflies, I found this on Flickr - quite a stunning shot. Clearly the guy has his 1Dmk3 focus sorted!



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Actually, hovers are one of the easier bugs to get in flight, because, well, they hover. Here's one I did earlier with the Sigma 70-300 APO.

Natural light and handheld.


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