Focal home cinema would this work ?

Steve Burling

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I have the following idea and wanted comments as to what people thought as to if it would work to improve the Audio side of my home cinema.
This isn’t a dedicated room, just the family lounge. The better half won’t want in ceiling speakers which I respect.

The lounge is approximately 18.5’ x 15.5’ (5.5m x 4.75m)

At the moment I have the Focal Sib Evo 5.1.2, with Chorus SW800V instead of the Cub that was supplied. Connected to Marantz SR7011 AV receiver.
My idea was as follows -
Replace the LCR with either Focal Chora 806/Aria 906 and relevant center.
Move the Atmos Sib Evo fronts to the back.
As I have a previous Focal Dome 5.1 Speaker package in the Den upstairs, use the front 2 and bring downstairs as L&R Height (Atmos)
Take previous Sib Evo rears and Center and use as LCR in the Den.

In the end upgrade the Front soundstage in the lounge and making the set up 5.1.4
Upgrade the Den front soundstage
Only then have 1 spare Dome, if in time wanted side surround in the lounge then just needed to track down 1 more Dome for 7.1.4

Was also in short time frame look into getting a Emotiva Base X A3 for the lounge to run the front replacement LCR.

There you go that’s my thoughts, now what do you all think, all comments good or no so good welcome.


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Good plan especially if you can stretch to Aria 906 and Aria 900CC for the LCR to get even greater upgrade. I doubt you would require BasX A3 if you listen at fairly typical levels with family, just don´t activate eco mode or lower the impedance switch (from 8ohm default) on the SR7011. Ton of folks are powering 9speakers with it. The LCR Arias aren´t really power hungry.

RS has the walnut finish 100£ cheaper than black.

But if you go with black there is two open box 900CC in black cheaper at Southampton and Edinburgh stores.

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