Focal-based home theater setup: What A/V receiver?


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I'm currently setting up my home theater installation. I've already got the TV (an LG 65 CX) and an Apple TV 4K (2021 model), and I'm now investigating my options for an audio solution.

I'm not sure the layout of my living room will allow fitting a full 5.1 setup without the rear speakers being in the way, so I'm considering omitting the rear speakers for now. Does it still make sense to go with Atmos-enabled front speakers?

Assuming it does, I'm currently looking at the following Focal setup: A pair of Chora 826-D, a Chora Center and a Sub 600P, which I might complement with a pair of Chora 806 if I decide to add rear speakers.

Given this setup, what A/V receiver would you recommend?


I'm fairly open budget-wise. I intend to buy quality equipment that will be a pleasure to use and look at, and will last a long time, but I'm not keen on overspending either: I'm looking at having a balanced setup that makes sense technically.

I'd also like to add that I'm totally new when it comes to amps and receivers. My hi-fi setup is made of a pair of Elac Navis (pure analog powered bookshelf speakers, which I absolutely love), so I never had to research and buy a dedicated amp.
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