Foamex help required



I Have found a supplier for foamex.
is this a better alternative than my magnolia wall?

OK, do I need black borders and why?
And if so, will these black borders done in black vinyl be OK

I want a screen 118 inches x 60 inches...

The trouble is some of my DVS are in 2:35:1 ans asome are more in 1:85:! which means the image projected is sometimes square rather than rectangular.
so my screen must be large enough for the sqaurish images (much bigger) than the true widescreen images.

with a screen szie of 118 x 5 feet, how big should the black borders be please?


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Foamex is much better than a magnolia wall.

Black borders are not necessary, but they add a professional touch and can improve the perceived contract.

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