FMJ22Dave- DVD-A via Digital cable?


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I'm looking for an Arcam DVD player to match my FMJ22 Dave and FMJ25/3.
No 6 channelinputs on the 22Dave, but I was wondering if a DVD-A signal could be received via the Digital input (similar to 5.1 DD)?

If so, I might venture into DVD-A via a DV89. If not I can still have decent stereo reply with a DV88+.

Any advice welcome!
Also, if anyone knows of a dealer/member with a used DV27 (!) for sale-
that would be a better matc for the silver FMJ stuff I have




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As far as I'm aware you can only get DVD-A on the Arcam via the analogue out. To get it via digiatl you'd need a firewire/ilink connector on both the amp & DVD player that were capable of outputting the copy protected digital data stream.

Don't know of anyone selling a DV27 on the forum, seen some on I think the mountain snow site, IIRC they are old original DV27 not the + or A verson.

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